How Teen Animal Assisted Therapy Can Help Your Child

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You have likely heard about the many benefits of owning a dog. Older people with dogs tend to live longer, and people with dogs tend to be happier in general. Dogs and animals in general can make excellent companions, and can be there for you when no one else really seems to understand. It is because of this that teen animal assisted therapy can be very helpful for those suffering from a mental disorder. Not only can it help with mental health, it also can help with physical health as well. Teen animal assisted therapy offers a great number of benefits.

Animal assisted therapy can actually reduce the overall amount of pain. This can be great for people with arthritis or chronic pain issues. In addition, blood pressure and cardiovascular health can be improved when people interact with animals. Endorphins are released when time is spent with animals, which can help calm people down. Because petting animals can be so calming, many people find that they are able to relax so much that they do not need as much medication as they once did.

Teen animal assisted therapy can be great for someone who is suffering from depression or anxiety. As mentioned above, petting animals and spending time with them can be very calming, which can help relieve anxiety. Animals can also make people feel less lonely, which can reduce depression. Those with speech or emotional disorders can also benefit from animal therapy. Spending time with animals can help children and teenagers focus more, which can be great for people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Many people feel comforted when they are with animals, which can help benefit health overall.

No matter what your teenager is dealing with, teen animal assisted therapy can offer them many benefits. In addition to all of the benefits listed above, you may notice that your child actually enjoys animal assisted therapy, which makes them less resistant and more likely to stick with it. Let animals help your teenager with their physical and mental challenges.

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