Signs of Teen Depression

No parent wants to accept the fact that their child may be depressed, but being able to recognize the signs and act quickly to find help for your teen may help reduce the likelihood of greater issues that can come from an unresolved diagnosis. When it comes to teen depression, there are several signs that can be helpful in determining whether your child simply has the blues or is suffering from something more significant.

Depression is a serious mental illness that should not be ignored, especially when it affects teenagers. Because adolescents’ brains are not fully developed, there can be serious consequences when depression is left untreated. While many teens deal with mood swings and sadness, if you have noticed that your child expresses those emotions very frequently and never seems to swing back towards a good mood, then they may be dealing with teen depression. Any long-lasting change in emotion can signal that something may be off and may be reason to be concerned.

Depression can cause symptoms in teenagers that are quite different that the symptoms that adults face. Some teens complain of headaches or stomach aches, which can be attributed to depression. While a trip to the doctor’s office may provide no results when it comes to these physical ailments, they should not be ignored if you are worried that depression may be the cause.

Teenagers are social by nature, so when your once outgoing teen seems to retreat and withdraw from their friends and social gatherings that they once enjoyed, a red flag may be raised. Teen depression often causes kids to become isolated or can be manifested in a new set of friends – often ones that you do not approve.

Being a teenager is a very difficult time in life, but adding depression onto the already complicated task of making your way through adolescence can often be too much for some kids. It is important that you take your child seriously and get help for them if you think that they need it.

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